Bearded Tom Hardy in film Locke


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A couple of nights ago I went to see ‘Locke’ and unsurprisingly the image of Tom Hardy’s masculine bearded face (which is basically the only thing on screen for 85 minutes) has been lingering on my mind. The entire film follows Hardy’s construction foreman character Ivan Locke as he makes a long car journey from a building site up north to London. You see nothing but Locke driving while making a series of phone calls to his enraged manager, cider-loving colleague, a grumpy council official in a curry house, son entranced by a football game, sausage-shopping wife and the woman in hospital about to have his baby. This film is all about the dialogue and script with little visual embellishment so it’s all about the story. Unsurprisingly it feels a little bit too much like a theatrical piece because of this claustrophobic setting so what would be dramatically sound in a live theatre ends up sounding slightly forced on screen. Nevertheless it makes for a compelling watch with some real heart-rending moments and teasing ambiguities. Like the film ‘Buried’ it’s all up to the lead actor to carry the whole thing and Tom Hardy, despite affecting a slightly distracting and irrelevant Welsh accent, does so really courageously. It’s definitely worth watching – if only to gaze at his lovely bearded face for an extended period of time. He’s one of those men who wouldn’t normally catch my eye when his face is smooth, but when he’s sporting a face full of whiskers I can feel my engines revving. What a crime that his face was shorn and covered throughout ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Have you seen the film? How do you rate bearded Tom Hardy?



Who Is Up For Some Beardy Bookish Banter…


So the Beardy Bibliophiles, and their big cultural project, are officially launching on the 10th of April. In honour of the website hopefully looking all spick and span and their monthly book group dates kicking off we thought we would have a little shindig.

So if you like book, beards (or have one) and beers and may just be in central London in the evening of Thursday the 10th of April, you might want to email to be added to a mail out list to find out where there will be a chance for pogonophiles and bibliophiles to hobnob over a fizzy pop or two.

We are very much looking forward to it!